Part 3 – Management Techniques – Define your management style

This week I roll on with describing the last of the main management styles. If you haven’t read the first half of this, you just need to pop back to Part 2

Part 2 – Management Techniques – Define your management style

Speaking broadly, I think most managers fall into four approximate categories, the first two of which I have written about below, the next two will appear in my next blog posting. The

Part 1 – Management Techniques for an Engaged Team

  I’m doing a quick 5-part snapshot of strong management techniques, for any management professionals looking for techniques to stabilise their teams and build on their successes. One size does not fit

Focus on Strengths, and the Weaknesses resolve themselves

  I think we spend far too much time talking about our weaknesses and not enough time devoted to our strengths. I would like to talk about celebrating, nurturing and developing those

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