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ranaRana Hein-Hartmann

Rana manages the European zone at Funds Partnership which means covering up to 5 countries at any one time when our clients may be recruiting. She is supported by a team of 10 people spread across three offices, with our HQ in London. As we cover the main fund centres in Europe, Rana has recently relocated to Luxembourg after 8 years of life in London where she will be further establishing the business with a number of local hires.

Rana considers herself not to be from one country but of many, making living in Luxembourg a very welcome experience. She has an international background and a general love of meeting people. She has worked with many clients across Europe since starting her career in 2005. Before establishing Funds Partnership Rana was responsible for building out the European desk of a major UK Search and Selection business, partly thanks to her fluent French. One of the aims of her role and in life, is to be an active listener to her clients and friends, helping problem-solve through a realistic-optimistic approach. Rana believes in the power of people within organisations, and believes it is key to the success of firms both large and small to recognise the right people who can drive them forwards at all levels.

Rana is a very energetic person who is passionate about sport and art. She has completed marathons and half-marathons, but her favourite distance is a much friendlier 10k.  She is a keen swimmer and one fairly unique attribute is that her arm span is 3 inches longer than she is tall! This probably helps with her love of painting large abstract paintings which hang throughout the Funds Partnership offices. When she isn’t busy her favourite past-time is Yoga, although she admits it’s hard to find the pace for Yoga amid a busy schedule,  several cabin crew attendants know her by first name these days, and it’s not because she flies at the front of the plane!


Ayyaz Ahmad

Ayyaz is the APAC Managing Director of Funds Partnership. Having decided early in his career to switch from chemical engineering to recruitment,  in 2005 he joined a leading recruitment firm in London to help build the asset management desk. His engineering background is the key to his analytical and methodical approach to hiring, which made him extremely successful and led to his part in making it a multi-million dollar business. After the firm listed on the AIM index, he exited along with Rana in order to co-found Funds Partnership in 2007.

Following on from the establishment and fast growth of Fund Partnership’s European business, in 2010 Ayyaz relocated to Singapore to extend Funds Partnership’s reach across the globe.  He is supported by a team of 7 staff across two offices, with the APAC seat being in Singapore, where he lives with his family. Funds Partnership has quickly built a strong reputation for excellent hires in Private Equity Funds in Asia, specifically in front office roles in Hong Kong and China. Singapore remains a core hub for hires in Real Estate and Asset Servicing where Ayyaz has built whole teams from scratch for new Administrators in the region. Since his relocation, the Asia Pacific business has built itself a strong reputation among the asset management community, also successfully introducing businesses to each other on advisory matters and providing core market intelligence.

Ayyaz is passionate about helping others and is active in serving humanitarian aid projects, and is often involved in fund raising projects across the globe. He has raised funds for the disaster relief for the Tsunami in Japan and helped to build a school in West Africa.

He is married and has recently been blessed with a baby girl.

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