London’s great leveller

2016 has been a manic year which doesn’t seem to let up. It started with the deaths of many of our most loved musicians, artists and actors. It carried on with the

Communication and really connecting

I don’t know whether it’s the way news travels, but I have been feeling like there is a lot of bad news lately. 2016 started with more than just a bang. We

A “public” take on a Private Equity affair

I met a friend recently whom I had helped earlier get a job as a Trader. Hellos led to coffee and a general discussion about our experiences working with Hedge Fund &

The colour purple

This isn’t going to be an article about Prince, its about the power of people like him. The colour purple Since I was 12, my favourite colour has been purple. I played

Let’s talk about tax, baby

This part of the industry isn’t much discussed, people don’t like talking about it, it’s taboo. But I think it’s one of those things, which we need to talk about. Because often,

A vision of success

On arriving at my hair appointment lately, I noticed a pretty bouquet of flowers on a table near the reception. My hairdresser Isabelle explained it was her 60th birthday. Champagne at the sinks As

New site launches for the Funds & Asset Management Industry

As you know, I’ve written a blog online for the last couple of years, often inspired by the way exceptional companies, or people think, it has become a widely followed in the

We can be Heroes

It was a strange start to 2016. On the 11th January, a rather famous British pop star passed away. It took me a while to post this, not because it took long

The joy of giving

I wasn’t planning to post anything on Christmas Eve. But I’m in Myanmar (Burma) on my holidays, and the extreme jet lag and that this post has been buzzing around in my

Beauty and the beast

This takes me back to an existential lecture I attended at University when I was about 19. Not much of what I learned back then about Descartes stayed with me, but a

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